The LORD B2 is a reliable 78 litre convection oven. In addition to standard heating methods, the oven also offers steam programmes, which the Steam base at the bottom of the oven makes possible. The LORD B2 can also be cleaned very efficiently with steam. Its energy consumption is not high either. The oven is classified in the economy class A.
11 999 Kč
(excl. VAT 9 916.53 Kč)
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The LORD B2 is a built-in oven with eight types of heating and a capacity of 78 litres. It is possible to use temperatures from 50°C to 275°C. The volume of the audio signals can also be adjusted.

Thanks to its low consumption, the oven is classified as energy class A. This is helped by high-quality insulation, along with three layers of glass fitted in the door. You will appreciate the option to remove the glass for easier cleaning.

Steam function

The LORD B2 oven is equipped with a Steam base – a bowl in the bottom of the oven into which you can pour water. This function is suitable for use with steam programmes for food preparation, but also for efficient cleaning of the oven.

Safety features

The B2 is equipped with a number of safety features. The basic standard includes a cooling fan. As an additional feature, it is also worth mentioning doors with gentle opening and closing, which is not only a safety feature, but also a very practical feature. Hot air shield is a patented system that can prevent hot air from escaping when the door is open.

Types of heating

       Defrosting (+ steam)

       Hot air

       Traditional heating

       Traditional heating + fan (+ steam)

       Pizza (+ steam)

       Half grill


       Grill + fan

Equipment and accessories

       two-level telescopic full extension

       push-in controls

       accessories: 1x grill, 1x shallow sheet pan, 1x deep sheet pan

Benefits of the LORD B2 Oven

       Thanks to its low consumption, you save money on energy bills.

       It is equipped with 8 types of heating and steam programmes.

       Glass from the door can be removed for easier cleaning.

       Hot air shield – patented system prevents hot air from escaping when the door is opened

       2 level telescopic full extension