Compact oven with microwave oven Placement method: built-in Oven volume: 50 L Microwave power: 1650 W Microwave Power: 900 W Power consumption grill: 1900 W Power consumption conventional heating: 1700 W Max Power Consumption: 3000 W LED display Touch control 5 levels of baking 10 types of heating 5 power MW 13 automatic programmes Combined conventional heating with microwaves Fast preheating Dimensions (HxWxH): 45.4 cm x 59.5 cm x 56.8 cm
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(excl. VAT 18 180.99 Kč)
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LORD B5 compact oven with microwave

Are you looking for a modern and practical oven for your kitchen? The LORD B5 is a built-in oven with microwave that meets your needs and brings new dimensions to your cooking. The oven has a volume of 50 litres. High wattage of the microwave oven is 1650 W with a power output of 900 W.

Thanks to the combination of conventional heating with microwaves, you can look forward to new ways of preparing meals. With a grill power of 1900 W and conventional heating of 1700 W, you have everything you need for perfect results. The oven has 5 microwave power levels and 10 types of heating, allowing you to bake and cook with incredible accuracy.

The LORD B5 also has 13 automatic programmes and quick preheating for convenient use. Touch control and LED display guarantee easy operation. The oven measures 45.4 cm x 59.5 cm x 56.8 cm and is an ideal choice for those looking for a compact yet powerful oven. Expand your culinary horizons and get your LORD B5 today! With the LCD touch screen, you will become a baking master!

Finally, you will enjoy baking without the fear of messing something up! Thanks to the touch screen of the LORD oven, you are in control of every detail of baking. With twelve main functions and forty automatic programmes, preparing demanding dishes is a breeze. The weight of the dish is simply entered, and the oven automatically sets all the parameters. On the touch screen, you will see not only the temperature and time, but also the selected baking mode and automatic programme.

Enjoy baking to the fullest with these 13 programmes that are ready for your cooking challenges.

From crispy pizzas to the perfect pastries, with these programmes you can let your creativity run wild and create delicious dishes for your loved ones. But that’s not all! The oven also offers special features such as keeping food warm or quick defrosting to make the entire cooking process easier. So don't be afraid to experiment and try out all the possibilities that this multifunctional oven has to offer.

Features of the LORD B5 oven

Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

LED interior lighting

Colour: black

Outer material of control panel and door: glass

Metal handle

Removable door

Maximum temperature: 250°C

Accessories: 1 universal grate, 1 deep

baking tray, 1 glass pan

Dimensions of the appliance (H x W x H): 45.4 x 59.5 x 56.8 cm

Benefits of the LORD B5 built-in oven with microwave heating

       Option of combining classic heating with microwave heating

       Compact size

       Volume 50 L

       Fast preheating

       A number of security features

       Glass bowl for microwave heating

       Double grill

       Simple touch control

       Automatic Recipes


Double grill for more gentle grilling of smaller amounts of food

The LORD B5 oven is equipped with a double grill. You can decide whether the inner spiral of the grill is sufficient or if you need to use the full power of the inner and outer spiral.

Glass bowl for microwave cooking

If you are puzzling over how to heat dishes without a turntable in a classic microwave oven, the B5 offers a solution in the form of a glass bowl, which you just need to slide to the lowest level of the grate.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the smooth surfaces, the LORD B5 oven is easy to clean. Hot soapy water will suffice for cleaning. Always follow the instructions for use.

Fast preheating

The quick preheat function saves time. With just a touch, you accelerate reaching the desired heating temperature.

Safety features

The LORD B5 has a number of features for your safety. Of course, there is a child lock. The B5’s doors have quadruple glass, which, in addition to safety, has an effect on saving money. The oven door is equipped with soft closing. The oven fan is programmed to cool the oven to a safe level after the end of baking. Safety shutdown and other features prove that LORD cares deeply about your safety.

Safety features

       child lock

       safety shutdown function

       start button

       door with quadruple glazing

       cooling fan

LORD, a guarantee of German quality

For the LORD, brand, quality and availability play a major role. Our appliances are made of high-quality materials which we are constantly improving. That's why we can offer a 2-year warranty with 3 additional years of service on appliances without conditions and free of charge.

What kind of customers buy the LORD B5 oven?

The LORD B5 oven is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a durable and environmentally friendly product with quality service. Customers who value the environment will appreciate not only the long service life of the washing machine, but also the fact that the Lord warehouse in Lázně Toušeň outside Prague holds the BREEAM Outstanding environmental certificate. Less than 1% of buildings in Western countries have this designation, and only about 0.1% in the Czech Republic. Lovers of honest quality and all those who want peace of mind from potential product problems will also love the LORD B5 oven.