Modern built-in LORD D4 dishwasher with 5 years FREE warranty. Water consumption is 9.8 L/ 1 cycle and electricity consumption is 0.75 kWh per cycle.
16 999 Kč
(excl. VAT 14 048.76 Kč)
17 999 Kč

Modern built-in LORD D4 dishwasher with 5 years FREE warranty in energy class C. Water consumption is 9.8 L / 1 cycle and electricity consumption 0.75 kWh per cycle.

The interior of the dishwasher is made and arranged so that all 14 place settings are always perfectly washed and dried. Dishes are loaded into 3 levels. An optional feature is a cutlery drawer. Thanks to the cutlery drawer, your cutlery will always be perfectly washed and there will be plenty of space in the dishwasher for other bulky dishes, pots and plates.

The LORD dishwasher is equipped with 8 basic programmes. You will appreciate all of them: Quick washing at 55°C, Intensive at 60°C, or Economy at 50°C. Of course there is also the option of Prewash.

However, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology in this dishwasher, the programme of choice is the Automatic Programme. It uses special sensors to assess the level of soiling on your dishes. It then selects the ideal washing temperature of 55°–65°C and consumes only the volume of water necessary for a perfect result.

The product is equipped with a clear LED display, which allows constant monitoring of selected programmes and makes choosing settings easy. The display informs you of the time left in the cycle and the need to refill rinse aid or salt. A commonly available feature is also the option to delay the start of washing by up to 24 hours. The product is very quiet; its noise level is only 42 dB.

The design and construction of the product are designed to meet modern trends and are constantly up to date. The dishwasher is equipped with a water protection system and a self-cleaning triple filter.

Some important information about the LORD D4 dishwasher

Placement method: built-in
Energy class: C
Power consumption: 75 kWh/ 100 cycles
Water consumption: 9.8 L/ 1 cycle
Noise level: B 42 dB(A) re 1 pW
Capacity: 14 place settings in 3 levels (lower rack, upper rack, cutlery drawer)
Delayed start max. 24 h
Triple Water Protection (AquaStop)


Intense 65°C,
Automatic 55°C–65°C,
Eco 50°C,
Quick washing 55°C,
Universal 55°C,
Glass 50°C, 30 min. 40°C,

Benefits of the LORD D4 dishwasher

Low energy consumption means that using this dishwasher saves not only time but also money.
Its operating noise level is only 42 dB, so you can use it at night.
It offers a wide range of 8 programmes, complemented by additional and practical features.
A clear LED display makes choosing settings easy. The dishwasher opens itself when the programme is over.
It is equipped with a water protection system and a self-cleaning triple filter.

The practically arranged interior of the dishwasher guarantees a spotless result

The interior layout of the dishwasher ensures that all 14 place settings are perfectly washed and dried. The cutlery drawer is designed so that your cutlery is optimally clean.

Check and adjust easily with LED display

The LED display allows you to constantly monitor the selected programmes and easily choose settings. It shows the time remaining in the wash cycle and indicates when salt or rinse aid need to be refilled.

5 years free warranty

All Lord appliances in the Czech Republic come with a 5-year warranty free of charge.
The extended warranty is listed directly on the warranty card; no additional registration is required.