The LORD L1 is an extremely reliable combination refrigerator-freezer suitable for any interior. The principle of the German brand Lord is to offer only honestly made products. Because of this, we have extended the statutory warranty of two years by another three years for all parts, without conditions. Thanks to its space-saving dimensions with a depth of only 55 cm, it is the ideal solution in rooms where space is limited.
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The LORD L1 is a combination refrigerator-freezer suitable for any interior. Thanks to its space-saving dimensions with a depth of only 55 cm, it is the ideal solution in rooms where space is limited.

The 169 L refrigerator compartment is divided by 4 glass shelves and a transparent fruit and vegetable box at the bottom.

There are additional compartments in the doors for smaller groceries, but you can also place bottles in them.

In the upper part there is a small freezer with a capacity of 37 L, which can freeze 2.4 kg of food in 24 hours. It will stay frozen for 13.5 hours during a power outage.

The temperature is controlled by a mechanical rotary selector. You will appreciate the automatic defrosting of the refrigerator compartment and the lighting which gives you a perfect overview of the contents.

Why buy a LORD L1 refrigerator?

When we founded Lord in Munich, we said to ourselves: “We want appliances that are made honestly, from honest materials, which will last for ages.”
 We have investigated what causes breakdowns, and have tried to eliminate anything that can cause problems.

From the very beginning, we also decided that we would rather invest in quality materials in our appliances rather than in bloated bureaucracy. This extends the life of the L1 refrigerator.

Another part of our philosophy was to focus on a narrower portfolio in refrigerators — to give us the time and space to catch all the “bugs” so that these refrigerators serve customers for as long as possible.

Thanks to a combination of honest investigation into the causes of malfunctions, superior materials and a focus on fewer products, we can offer a 2+3 year warranty on the LORD L1 refrigerator without conditions, without registration, and on all parts.

The extended warranty is listed directly on the warranty card; no additional registration is required.

Other brands do offer a 10, 15 or 20 year warranty on the compressor. But compressors today are made carbon-free and are essentially “eternal”. To make matters worse, we have seen cases where the warranty applies to the “eternal” compressor, but not to the electronics for the compressor.

But if your LORD L1 refrigerator breaks down at any time within five years, a technician will come to you as soon as possible.

The technician’s labor, transportation and replacement materials are free of charge.
Of course, in order to claim a free repair or free replacement, you must not damage the refrigerator yourself.

Premium shipping and pickup of old refrigerator for free

We put honesty in everything. If you order an L1 refrigerator through our branded e-shop Lord.eu, it will be delivered to you by a premium delivery company.

You have free delivery, including delivery to your flat, even if you live on the roof of a skyscraper.

We will also remove your old refrigerator for free. We will pay for its ecologically safe disposal for you.

We are happy to advise you before and after your purchase

Have you bought a LORD L1 refrigerator but don't want to read the manual? Call us from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at +420 724 147 096 and we will be happy to advise you. Call this same number if you need advice before buying.

You can also use our chat or email pomoc@lord.eu.

Notice how we have simplified the naming of appliances. The competition often uses long and complicated names that you have to repeat to the technician on the phone several times.

We named this appliance simply L1.

Why L1?

Product line code

What does the code mean?

What it means

Good to know




Refrigerators. If a freezer is included, it can be accessed through an external door.


Combination of refrigerator and freezer

Combination of refrigerator and freezer

Included is a large, full-size, independently accessible freezer.

Why make it complicated when it can be done simply?

Take a look at the LORD L1 refrigerator in the store

You can see the L1 refrigerator and all other Lord products Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at our brand store in Prague, Na Poříčí 27:

We have our own Lord brand coffee, which we are happy to invite you here to enjoy.

What kind of customers buy the LORD L1 refrigerator?

       People who want the refrigerator to last them a long time.

       Customers interested in the environment. They know that every product purchased puts a strain on our planet. So they want a refrigerator that will last them a long time.

       By the way, the Lord warehouse in Lázně Toušeň outside Prague holds the BREEAM Outstanding environmental certificate. This is the highest possible ecological rating of a building. Less than 1% of buildings in Western countries have this certification. We estimate that in the Czech Republic that figure is less than 0.1%.

       Those interested in honest German quality, who like easily accessible service.

       People who want to have peace of mind from a refrigerator.

Technical information about the LORD L1 refrigerator


Single door refrigerator with freezer on top

Placement method

Freestanding appliance

Annual energy consumption

172 kWh/year

Energy class


Original energy class (until 30.6.2021)


Total usable volume

206 L

Usable volume of the refrigerator compartment

169 L

Usable volume of the freezer compartment

37 L

Noise level

C 40 dB

Climate class

N-ST (16°C to 38°C)