Lord W10 3.GN

Lord W10 3.GN

Freestanding steam washing machine with microplastic filter, Maximum load: 10 kg, Water consumption: 37l / cycle, Electricity consumption: 51kWh / 100 cycles, Noise during spinning: 75 dB, Maximum revolutions: 1400 / min., BLCD Inverter motor, 15 programs, Twinjet - two shower nozzles in the drum, Stainless steel drum
17 499 Kč
(excl. VAT 14 461.98 Kč)
18 699 Kč

LORD W10 free-standing steam washing machine with microplastic filter

This free-standing steam washing machine is characterized by a high loading capacity and relatively small dimensions, where its depth including the door is 60 cm, which makes it a practical solution for smaller spaces. Water and energy consumption is also low thanks to special shower nozzles, which will help reduce running costs.

The washing machine offers a total of 15 washing programs and several additional functions, such as a steam assistant. When setting the program, various parameters can be selected, such as the degree of soiling of the laundry, the type of stains, the washing temperature or the spin speed, thus adapting the washing to the specific needs of the laundry.

W10 offers a unique filter that captures microplastics released from laundry during washing. The Lord W10 washing machine thus protects the environment.

One of the interesting functions is the automatic recognition of a smaller amount of laundry, which can help save on water and energy consumption. A child lock and protection against water damage can then provide greater safety and satisfaction when using the washing machine.

Twinjet system for savings and perfect washing

Yes, the Twinjet system is an excellent feature of this washing machine that improves washing results while saving energy and water. The double shower nozzle can better and more evenly distribute the water and detergent to the laundry, which leads to more efficient washing. This system also allows washing with a lower water temperature and a shorter washing time, which reduces energy and water consumption. Overall, the Twinjet system helps to achieve excellent washing results while saving the environment.

Integrated microplastic filter

Microplastics represent a huge burden on the environment. When synthetic materials are washed, they are released and are washed away into the waste. In the ecosystem, they cause problems for living organisms, including humans. Thanks to the integrated filter, microplastics are captured in a special filter and thus do not end up in the waste water.

Pet hair? No problem with W10

The microplastic filter has another advantage. It can also catch pet hair that sticks to your clothes.

With the LED display of the LORD W10 washing machine, you have everything under control

The modern LED display with touch control allows you not only to clearly set the programs, but also to have full control over the washing process. Set the start of washing up to 23 hours in advance and you no longer have to worry about forgetting it. On the display, you can easily choose the temperature, speed of rotation, type of stains, degree of soiling of the laundry and other functions that will help you achieve perfect results. And with the indicator of the remaining time until the end of the wash, you will always have an overview of how long you have to wait. In addition, thanks to the program pause function, you can add laundry or adjust settings at any time. What's more, with a steam assistant, the LORD W10 washing machine is ideal for allergy sufferers who appreciate a higher level of hygiene when washing.

W10 does not interfere with unnecessary noise

The advantage is also low operating noise. The washing machine is equipped with a modern BLDC inverter motor, which is characterized by its durability and economy, but also quietness, thanks to the reduction of vibration and noise. The acoustic signal can be switched off.

Some important numbers for the Lord W10 washing machine

  • water consumption: 37l / 1 cycle
  • noise level: 75 dB
  • electricity consumption: 51 kWh / 100 cycles
  • maximum load: 10 kg
  • maximum spin speed: 1,400 / minute
  • number of programs: 15
  • dimensions: (H × W × D): 84.5 x 59.8 x 60 cm

Advantages of the LORD W10 washing machine

The design and construction of the washing machine are designed to combine practicality with a modern and timeless look. W10 is suitable for allergy sufferers, thanks to the steam assistant. The possibility of setting the degree of soiling of the laundry will allow even very soiled laundry to be washed for the first time. Quiet operation ensures the possibility of washing even at night, which allows you to delay the start of washing by up to 23 hours.

You can choose from 15 useful programs

Eco 40 - 60
Cotton + Prewash
Cotton 20°C
Cotton color
Baby care
Spinning / Pumping out
Hand wash
Mix / Petl hair shield
Jeans / Dark underwear
Quick program 60 minutes
Quick program 12 minutes