The Lord W9 washing machine is an extremely reliable, freestanding, top-loading washing machine with a steam programme in energy-saving class A. The Lord philosophy is to offer only honestly made products. We have extended the legal warranty of 2 years with an additional 3 years of free service, for all parts and without conditions. Of course, you must not damage the washing machine yourself. The washing machine can handle up to 8 kilograms of laundry at a time, which is the largest in the category of top-loading washing machines. The W9 washing machine will be a silent household companion; its noise level is only 80 dB when spinning. The large, clear display allows constant monitoring of the selected programmes, makes choosing settings easy and continuously informs you about the progress of the washing cycle.me.
529 €
(excl. VAT 437.19 €)

Features of the W9 washing machine

Find out what benefits you’ll receive from the purchase of a W9 washing machine and what gadgets will make your housework easier.

       Gentle opening of the door

       Quick programme for rapid washing

       Extra rinse for sensitive skin

       Steam wash

       Quiet washing thanks to an inverter motor

       Anti-vibration sides

       Delayed start of washing for up to 24 hours

       Child Lock

       Innovative drum for laundry protection

       16 washing programmes

       Washing wool

Gentle opening of the door

The soft opening feature, i.e. gentle opening of the door, prevents the unpleasant sound of the opening of the drum door, which we all know from the past. Another useful feature is that the drum door always stops at the top, which eliminates the awkward turning of the drum into the correct position with a drum full of laundry. For your peace of mind, the Lord W9 washing machine is equipped with protection against overflow, over-sudsing and balance control during spinning.

Quick programme for rapid washing

Do you need to shorten the washing programme and wash your laundry as quickly as possible? Then you will like the Quick Wash programme, which can be found on the washing machine under the label Quick 15'. The Quick 15' programme is ideal for when you are in a hurry and need to reduce the washing cycle time. Thanks to the Quick 15' programme, you can wash 2 kilograms of laundry in just 25 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius.

Extra rinse for sensitive skin

Do you have particularly sensitive skin? If you choose the Extra rinse option, the laundry will have an additional rinse cycle, which helps protect your skin.

Steam wash

The W9 washing machine has a special programme that uses steam. It penetrates deep into the fiber and effectively eliminates bacteria and germs, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers.

Quiet washing thanks to the inverter motor

The benefit is low operating noise, so you can even wash at night without disturbing someone's sleep. The washing machine is equipped with a BLDC inverter motor, which is characterised by its durability and economy (23% saving of electricity consumption per wash cycle), but also its quietness (more than 11% compared to carbon motors), thanks to the reduction of vibration and noise. In addition, the motor has an extremely long service life (10 years or more).

Thanks to the imbalance control system, the washing machine evenly and repeatedly distributes the laundry inside the washing machine. This function ensures that there is no risk of unevenly distributed laundry, which normally causes a noisy knocking of the washing machine during spinning and prevents the machine from achieving the maximum spin speed.

Anti-vibration sides

Thanks to their innovative construction, the side walls are not only a design element, but most importantly, they contribute to quiet washing. The anti-vibration sides provide more stability and reduce vibrations. The reinforced insulation helps with the noise control of the washing machine to make washing as quiet as possible, even during the spin cycle.

Delayed start of washing by up to 24 hours

Plan the washing according to your schedule so that you can take the laundry out on time. The W9 washing machine offers a delayed start of washing up to 24 hours.

Child lock

Sometimes it happens that a child clicks something on the washing machine, or you press something. This is solved by a child lock, which locks the controls, so it is not possible to change or interrupt the programme until it is finished washing or unlocked.

Innovative drum for laundry protection

It is claimed that frequent washing can damage clothing. Thanks to the patented system of our stainless steel drum, you don't have to worry about your clothes. This technology efficiently, gently and quickly washes all types of laundry. Even laundry that is heavily soiled. The drum of the Lord W9 washing machine distributes the water evenly so that there is no stretching, wrinkling or damage to the laundry.

Wool belongs in the washing machine

That is, if you have a Lord W9 washing machine, which has a programme tailored to care for wool or wool-rich fabrics, whether they are intended for hand washing or machine washing. This particularly gentle washing programme prevents unwanted shrinkage and pilling.

16 washing programmes

       My Programme




       ECO 40–60



       Rinse & Spin

       Quick 45 min.


       Children's clothing


       Quick 15' (Quick 15 min.)



       Cleaning the drum

       Steam wash

Lord, a guarantee of quality

For the Lord brand, quality and availability play a major role. Our appliances are made of high-quality materials which we are constantly improving.

That's why we can offer a 2-year warranty with an additional 3-year service on appliances without conditions and free of charge.

Why buy a Lord W9 washing machine?

When we founded the Lord company, we said to ourselves: “We want appliances that are made honestly, from honest materials, which will last for ages.”
 We have investigated what causes breakdowns, and have tried to eliminate anything that can cause problems.

From the very beginning, we also decided that we would rather invest in quality materials in our appliances rather than in bloated bureaucracy. This extends the life of the W9 washing machine.

Another part of our philosophy was to focus on a narrower portfolio in washing machines — to give us the time and space to catch all the “bugs” so that these washing machines serve customers for as long as possible.

Through a combination of honest investigation into the causes of malfunctions, superior materials and a focus on fewer products, we can offer a 2+3 year warranty on the LORD W9 washing machine without conditions, without registration, and on all parts.

The extended warranty is listed directly on the warranty card; no additional registration is required.

Note that if some other manufacturers offer a longer warranty, they only offer it for parts that generally do not break down, such as the motor. Or they make it conditional it in various ways, e.g. registration within 14 days of purchase. But most customers forget to register.

But if your Lord W9 washing machine breaks down at any time during the five years, a technician will come to you as quickly as possible.

The technician’s labor, transportation and replacement materials are free of charge.
Of course, you must not damage the washing machine yourself in order to be entitled to a free repair or free replacement.

We want to put honesty in everything. If you order through our branded Lord.eu e-shop, the W9 washing machine will be delivered to you by a premium delivery company.

You have free delivery, including delivery to your flat, even if you live on the roof of a skyscraper.

We will also take away your old electrical appliance free of charge. We will pay for its ecological disposal for you.

If you need help setting up or operating your W9 washing machine, we will be happy to advise you from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at +420 724 147 096.

Notice how we've simplified the naming of electrical appliances. While the competition has long and complicated names that you have to repeat three times to the technician on the phone, we named this appliance simply W9. "W" for "washing machine". Why make it complicated when it can be done simply?
You can see the W9 washing machine and all other Lord products Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at our brand store in Prague, Na Poříčí 27:

Our trained staff will be happy to invite you to enjoy a cup of our own brand of coffee.

Who buys a Lord W9 washing machine?

       People who want their washing machine to last for a long time.

       Customers interested in the environment. They know that every product purchased puts a strain on our planet. So, they want a washing machine that will last them for a long time.

       By the way, the Lord warehouse in Lázně Toušeň outside Prague holds the BREEAM Outstanding environmental certificate. This is the highest possible ecological rating of a building. Less than 1% of buildings in Western countries have this certification. We estimate that in the Czech Republic that figure is less than 0.1%.

       Those interested in honest quality who like easily accessible service.

       People who want to have peace of mind from potential problems with the washing machine.