Don't like to wait while cooking? Then you might like the LORD H1 built-in induction hob. It is the fastest hob on the market in its category and you can rely on the high performance of all four induction zones. The modern and precise slider touch control, where each zone has its own controller, gives you a total of twelve levels of power settings. For all cooking zones, you can use the timer and timer function. Another feature is the automatic cooking or temperature maintenance function. In addition, the hob is equipped with ten safety features – including a child lock.
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LORD H1 built-in induction hob

You don’t have to experiencing cooking delays anymore! With the LORD H1 built-in induction hob, you get the fastest hob on the market, with high performance in all four induction zones. The precise Slider touch control with twelve power settings and the timer and timer functions on each zone allow you to control cooking with ease. In addition, the automatic cooking or keep warm function and ten safety features, including a child lock, guarantee your comfort and safety. The LORD brand builds on the quality and precision of production in Europe, which is why we offer a full two-year warranty and a three-year free service – a total of five years of carefree cooking.

What interesting features does the H1 hob offer you?

Are you looking for a cooktop that can handle even the biggest cooking challenges? Then you might be interested in the LORD H1 built-in induction hob, which offers a number of interesting features.

With the Auto-Power function, the burner automatically adjusts to the size of the pot, which saves energy. And in the event of an accidental switch on or overflow, the Auto-Stop function will help you, stopping the power immediately.

In addition, the hob is very flexible. With the help of the bridge, the individual cooking zones can be easily connected to create a 42 x 20 cm zone for your largest pots and pans. And if you have a short time, the Booster function will turn on the cooking zone at maximum power, which will significantly reduce the cooking time.

Whether you're cooking for your family or receiving guests, the LORD H1 hob will offer you everything you need. And thanks to the quality and reliability of LORD products, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years.


Important information

       Total power consumption: 7.4 kW

       Power consumption of individual cooking zones:

       Front Left: 220x180 mm: 2100/2600/3700 W

       Rear Left: 220x180 mm: 2100/2600/3700 W

       Front right: 220x180 mm: 2100/2600/3700 W

       Rear right: 220x180 mm: 2100/2600/3700 W

       automatic cooking function – keep warm at 42°C, 70°C and 94°C

       Pause function

       Relaunch function

       4 long-lasting Slider touch controls

       12 levels of adjustment

       4x Booster function, double Booster (for all cooking zones)

       4 simultaneously usable timers, timer function

       Dimensions (H × W × D): 5.2 × 59 × 52 cm
Cut-out size: 56 × 49 cm

Safety features

       Detection of faulty connection to the mains

       Detection of undervoltage and overvoltage in the power grid

       Detection of the presence of cooking vessels

       Detection of the suitability of cooking vessels

       Liquid detection on the control electronics

       Detection of exceeding the critical temperature

       Forgotten shutdown detection

       Detection of residual cooking point temperature

       Child lock – locking the control functions

       Detection of insufficient ventilation in the space under the hob


Benefits of the LORD H1 induction hob that will definitely interest you:

        The fastest hob on the market – you will save time and cooking will be easy and convenient.

       Modern and durable touch control with 12 power settings and a Booster function that can speed up cooking time.

       Special features such as pausing and restarting allow you to be flexible and adapt to your needs.

       Security features, including a child lock, ensure safety in the home.

       The hob is made in Europe using precise German technology, which guarantees high quality and reliability.

       In addition, we offer a full two-year warranty and three years of free service, for a total of five years.

 With the LORD H1, you can rely on performance, flexibility and safety, all with simple controls and a modern design.

The LORD H1 induction hob has 4 powerful induction zones

The front right cooking zone features the exclusive Power DoubleBooster function. This zone has amazing heating speed, which brings 2 litres of water to a temperature of 90°C in an incredibly fast 2:40 minutes and to a strong boil in 3:30 minutes.

You can also use cookware with non-standard dimensions

Another practical feature of the LORD H1 hob is the option of using 2 Flexi Zones – connecting two cooking zones. This connection creates two large active surfaces, which have a size of 42 × 20 cm and which allow the use of containers with non-standard dimensions.

LORD, a guarantee of German quality

For the LORD brand, quality and availability play a major role. Thanks to the careful selection of German manufacturers, it boasts a minimal percentage of failures compared to the market average. Our appliances are made of high-quality materials which we are constantly improving. That's why we can offer a 2-year warranty with an additional 3-year service on appliances without conditions and free of charge.

Who buys a LORD H1 hob?

The LORD H1 hob is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a durable and environmentally friendly product with quality service. Customers who value the environment will appreciate not only the long service life of the washing machine, but also the fact that the Lord warehouse in Lázně Toušeň outside Prague holds the BREEAM Outstanding environmental certificate. Less than 1% of buildings in Western countries have this designation, and only about 0.1% in the Czech Republic. Lovers of honest German quality and all those who want peace of mind from potential product problems will also love the LORD H1 hob.