German quality

German quality may sound like a hackneyed phrase. But here it applies to the last nut and bolt. The German quality of LORD appliances indicates a high level of craftsmanship, reliability and precision in all activities associated with the production of our products. The meticulous manufacturing process results in products of the highest quality

Every LORD appliance is manufactured with the utmost care and using the finest materials. We guarantee that our appliances are not just a temporary solution for your home, but an investment in long-term quality and reliability that will truly pay off.

The magic lies in the selection of high quality materials for every part of the appliance and in our approach to developing our products. In fact, part of the development process involves analysing problem parts that could theoretically be responsible for faults. We redesign or completely eliminate all of these problem parts from our appliances. As a result, we produce very compact, durable and high-quality appliances that can keep you happy for ages.

See for yourself the precision workmanship by purchasing your new appliance.