LORD Honest Service

5 years warranty on everything

We develop Lord products so carefully that we offer a 2+3 year warranty on all products and all components.

The first two years are by law, we add an additional three.

If at any time during those five years, if you have a problem with our product, give us a call and we will get to you as quickly as possible.

Note that some companies give 5, 10, 15 or even 20 year warranties, but only on parts that will last "forever" today, like the engine. But electronics for the engine, for example, are not covered by such a long warranty.

We warranty everything and you don't even have to register anywhere. Even if you sell the appliance, the warranty passes to the new owner.

Own authorized service

The servicing of all Lord appliances, as well as orders for spare parts, is handled for the Lord brand by Appliance Warranty & Service s.r.o., which belongs to the same holding company. Only with our own service can we guarantee high speed and quality.

Call: +420 725 781 964

Email: info@awservice.cz

Contact us even if you are just unsure about something or want to ask a question after purchasing a product. We want to offer great service.

Help with product selection

If you are just choosing your appliance, our trained staff can advise you.

Call: +420 724 147 096

Email: pomoc@lord.eu

Small things that will help you

List of take-back points for used products

We will arrange for you to take the old appliance to your car and then take it away for free when you buy a new one.

But if you'd like to lug your old fridge or washing machine yourself, the law requires us to post a link to a list of e-waste collection points here.

Availability of spare parts and access to repair and maintenance information

Another legal obligation requires us to disclose "how to repair an electrical appliance" and "where to get spare parts". This information can be found below.

But please be aware that repairing outside of an authorised repairer will void your warranty. Our fast service is available to you free of charge for five years, so it is better to contact them.

Registration of professional corrections

Last but not least, the law obliges all manufacturers of electrical appliances to allow other companies to become their authorised repairers if they meet its conditions.

If you are a repair shop providing exceptional quality and service to your customers, please email us at info@awservice.cz with the subject line "Professional Repair Shop Registration".